Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Lydia and my sons name is Elias. My husband and I were focused on getting through a high risk pregnancy, so we were relieved when Eli arrived. I took to parenting, I felt like I was in my element. I’m an avid reader, so I was over prepared with superficial knowledge, but it didn’t hurt. It’s funny to think about now because I had so much information and when we reached our first big problem I didn’t know much about it.

We found that Eli had eczema somewhere around the two-month mark. My husband and I don’t have eczema. We have family members with eczema, so we thought we would have enough tips to handle it easily. I had no idea, how severe it could be. On the worst days we dealt with a crying sleepy baby with torn skin and infections. The advice we were getting wasn’t working. We found that allergies were having a negative effect on his skin. To read more about Eli’s story read my article on Medium.


The purpose of this blog is to find other parents who may have felt what I felt. I felt that nothing I read was helping and there was no one I could turn to who was going through what I was. This blog is a place for advice, information and venting. A place where you can learn more about eczema, and also find parents who are going through a struggle similar to yours. You will find tips about dry skin and allergies, but also tips about more severe eczema that can’t always be soothed with a bath.

Some websites have everything you need to know about eczema and I will share those with you. I always wanted somewhere to turn to on the hard nights, when you have tried every tip you read, but nothing worked. I never found that site. I hope to someday create that space. For now, I will begin with sharing our story and what works for us. Our journey is far from over, and we are still learning every day. I hope to share with you all that I know and learn more from you as well.

Explore the site and leave your comments and questions below or contact me on twitter using #eczemama.


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